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        發布人:管理員   發布時間:2020-10-16

        All kinds of slope protection molds we see are summed up through the precipitation of time. There are also some new styles researched according to the current development situation. Each style of slope protection mold plays a role in the use of the environment. There are many matters needing attention in the design of slope protection mold.

        First of all, when designing the slope protection mold, the material of the mold should be selected. Because the mold style is not achieved overnight, it needs to be tested many times. Therefore, several kinds of mold materials should be prepared to ensure the production technology suitable for the mold.


        Secondly, the compression ratio of the product is determined according to the product density of the manufacturer and the main properties and proportions of the raw materials. The unique non welded structure is used again to ensure the normal working state of the die cavity during the manufacturing process,

        最后要保證模腔與各個零件之間的間障不能超過1毫米以保證產品外形以及質量的穩定,只有在模具設計時注意以上問題就能制作 出更優質的產品。
        Finally, it is necessary to ensure that the gap between the cavity and each part should not exceed 1 mm, so as to ensure the stability of product appearance and quality. Only by paying attention to the above problems in mold design, can we make better products.


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